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Hi there,

I just delivered a newborn baby 33 days earlier than EDD.

He is 26 days now and is still down with jaundice. The last reading at the hospital on 16 July is 153 and he has been having constipation for the past 5 days. He was in NICU twice before this for photo therapy when the jaundice level shot up to 300+. Was back home for a week now.

I am half breastfeeding and half giving formula milk as I am still not good in expressing my milk even though the doctors have been saying that I have sufficient milk.

Started off with S26 Gold PDF since he is born premature but he is having constipation problem. Then changed to Similar Total Comfort upon advice of a child specialist but constipation still persisted for the past 5 days until my husband bought Novalac IT this evening and within 30 minutes after taking 20-40ml of it, he pooed a lot. The stool is soft like McD ice-cream texture but dark greenish in colour.

My concern now is what is the next action? Should I give him Similac and Novalac interchangeably everyday in addition to the breast milk? What is the implication of doing so?

Or should I just give him Novalac IT and breast milk together? If yes, then another concern comes into my mind. Will this leads him to having diarrhea or other gastroenteritis issues?

Please kindly advise as he is our my first newborn and we are still very new in parenting. It has indeed been a difficult confinement period for me due to these 2 main issues - jaundice and constipation. Am just afraid diarrhea is the next?

Appreciate your kind advice and many thanks in advance.

Asked by ConnieP81 - Posted 4 years, 5 months, 7 hours, 46 minutes ago.

Hi Connie

Firstly, congratulations on your newborn.

Jaundice: it’s likely breast milk related jaundice and it’s often seen in babies exclusively breast fed. Most importantly, a blood test to determine the type of jaundice (direct or indirect) and a review by your Paediatrician to ensure nothing else. Stools should be bright yellow as well. Breast milk jaundice can persists till 2 months. No treatment required.

Constipation: this occurs if stools are hard, pellet like or with blood streaks.
It can be normal for babies to poop once a week or two. Please don’t keep switching formulas. I only recommend breast milk.

I hope this address your concerns.

Warm regards

Dr Sanjay Woodhull
Consultant Paediatrician

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