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Share your Pregnancy Checklist

My 2nd trimester checklist!

Delia Wong, Damansara Utama

1. Shop for maternity clothes! I can’t fit into anything :(
2. What I dread: spinach, beans, iron-fortified whole grains! (note to self: to lay off the mamak mi goreng and teh ais!). Anyone know of fun recipes to work with spinach and beans? ugh.
3. Book an appointment with my obs.
4. Make sure my immunizations are complete. Let doc know if not the case.
5. Iron and folate supplements on my bedside table lest I forget! Must keep up with my prenatal vitamins!
6. Substitute my daily dose of coffee for lots of water(sigh).
7. Substitute cendol dessert /late night treats for fruit salads(sigh and SIGH!). Keep in mind baby needs as much folic acid from leafy veggies and fruits as much as I can digest!
8. Milk and cheese sandwiches!
9. Begin Kegel exercises(Sis advises to strengthen pelvic muscles).


Wow that’s a long list…

By admin on 2010 08 24

What is missing: utara, selatan, timur, .....? (5 characters required)

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