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Weaning Basics and Beyond - Part 3

Weaning Basics and Beyond,by Mary Easaw – John, a consultant dietitian. She holds a Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Madras and a Professional International Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences from the
John Moores Liverpool University, UK. She has 27 years of extensive experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Her area of management is in child nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, creating healthy recipes, and managing children in malnutrition risk. She provides diet advice to parents and adults in various issues of food and nutrition. She is the author of
Meals without Guilt, Her World Cook Book Volume 72. She has received numerous awards and recognition both locally and internationally for her contribution in promoting nutrition and dietetics. Mary likes to read and advocates healthy cooking.

Right timing to wean, Practical weaning tips for parents, Cultivating good eating habits, How to get your child to eat, Benefits of probiotics for digestive health & immunity.

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